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Sensei Scott A. Kimmel

Sensei Scott A Kimmel

Hapkido Instructor

Bujutsu Instructor

Self-Defense Instructor

Women’s Self Defense Instructor

2nd degree Black Belt Bujutsu

2nd degree Black Belt Hapkido

Southern Praying Mantis – 1 year of experience

European Fencing – 1 year of experience

Aikido – 1 year of experience

Also experience with Goju Ryu Karate, Judo, Shotokan Karate, Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, Tae Kwon Do, and Ninjitsu

Licensed Physical Therapist

Initial year of training: 2002

Scott has always been fascinated by the complexity and power of the human body. This interest has guided him not only into martial arts training but also into his chosen profession of physical therapy. Over time this has made Scott the unofficial “fight medic” of the Budokan. He has been working to use what he learns in therapy and apply it to martial arts and vice versa. Scott considers himself to be a “forever student” and has been humbled to teach among so many talented instructors.

Instructor of the month additions: I was led to train by my first teacher, Harriet Johnson. Harriet was a police officer and still teaches criminal justice at McHenry County College. She was head of security at the hotel I was working in. Per Harriet’s connections I have had the privilege and opportunity to train with many police officers over the years. Harriet always taught me to learn everything I can with as little bias as possible. Throughout my training with her I picked up several other styles. I learned South Praying Mantis Kung Fu from a local teacher in Crystal Lake. I trained under Sensei Jack and Terry in McHenry. I also joined and competed with NIU European Fencing Team.
I am an Illinois-licensed Physical Therapist. I came by my interest of the human form early on. My mom and dad bought me a “visible man” model and a microscope when I was about six years old. I have been a practicing PT since 2008. My specialty is outpatient orthopedic problems (i.e. post surgical patients, low back pain, shoulder strain, knee issues, ankle sprain, etc.), but I also work in the hospital inpatient area once a month.

I am an enormous book lover. My wife has to help me to make sure my collection does not overtake our home. I love to sketch as well and this allowed me to illustrate a Hapkido technique book. One day I hope to get it professionally published.




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